Halcar Wire Fox Terriers

Jean  Finn

Romeo, Michigan 48065
586-752-9757 - halcar@comcast.net

Available Wire Fox Terriers

Puppies - none available at this time

Adults- -none available at this time 

If you are interested in a puppy, please email me with details of what you are looking for. If a puppy is available, I will work with you to see that you get the right puppy to fit into your home.
When you purchase a puppy from Halcar Kennels you can expect:

A healthy puppy that has been checked out by a veterinarian at 8 weeks of age.
At least the first set of shots and maybe the second or third depending on the age when purchased.
A four generation pedigree.
A support system. When any questions arise about training problems or how to groom him/her, or any concerns at all, you just call me and I will help you out as best I can.
The American Kennel Club registration application.*

*Pet quality puppies may go to a new home without AKC registration application forms until they are spayed or neutered. Puppies going into pet homes,whether show quality or not, will have the limited registration checked at the time of purchase. If the buyer/buyers change their mind and wish to show or breed at a later date, they must have the puppy evaluated for breeding and/or show potential after the puppy is one year old and the registration could possibly be changed.

Some questions you should be prepared to answer when contacting me about getting a puppy from me. The questions and answers can be emailed to me at halcar@comcast.net 

·       Where do you live?

·       Where will your puppy sleep?

·       Is your yard fully fenced? If so, what type and height?

·       Will there be anyone home during the day-time?

·       If you have children - what ages are they?

·       Have you had a terrier previously?

·       Why do you want a wire?

·       Do you have any other dogs? If not, what breeds of dogs have you had before?

·       Are you interested in showing in conformation or any performance events such as agility or obedience?

·       Are you planning on breeding your puppy in the future?

A puppy is for a lifetime - not just while it's a cute puppy. Do you agree with this statement? I may have additional questions.  Please do not be intimidated by the questions. I just want to make sure that my puppy ends up in a "forever" home with people that will love and care for him or her its entire life.